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China's top court and procuratorate has prioritized the fight against terrorism and secessionism in 2015 Roman Josi Predators Jersey , vowing to safeguard national security and social stability, according to work reports delivered on Thursday.

"We will actively participate in the fight against terrorism and secessionism, severely punish violent terrorist crimes according to the law, and severely punish all types of crimes that gravely endanger the people's safety Viktor Arvidsson Predators Jersey ," Chief Justice Zhou Qiang of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) said in his work report delivered at the annual session of the national legislature.

The same resolution was reflected in the work report of the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP), which was also delivered Thursday. Procurator-General Cao Jianming also vowed to further push forward the crackdown on cult and other crimes involving firearms, explosives and human trafficking.

The SPC report says 712 people were sentenced last year for instigating secessionist activities or participating in violent terrorist attacks, a 13.3 percent increase compared with 2013. Those convicted were involved in 558 cases Scott Hartnell Predators Jersey , up 14.8 percent.

The country saw a 40.7 percent rise in the number of criminal cases that involved instigation of secessionist activities in 2014, but the reports did not provide further details, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

Ilham Tohti, a former lecturer at the Beijing-based Minzu University of China Craig Smith Predators Jersey , was sentenced to life imprisonment for separatism in September 2014. Tohti reportedly had a close relationship with the World Uyghur Congress, which advocates the "independence" of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Violence has been on the rise in China, and Xinjiang has become the main battleground for the anti-terrorism crackdown following a spate of violent attacks in the region over the last few years.

Other regions were also affected by terrorism, including Beijing. A jeep plowed into crowds near Tiananmen Square on October 28 Mattias Ekholm Predators Jersey , 2013, killing three people and leaving 39 others injured.

Knife-wielding attackers killed 31 people and injured over 140 others at a railway station in Kunming, Yunnan province in March 2014.

Harsh punishments have been slapped on those behind the attacks in line with the law. The SPC is undergoing a review of the death sentences handed down to the convicts in the Kunming attack, but one woman was sentenced to life imprisonment due to her pregnancy Colton Sissons Predators Jersey , Zhou said.

"The top judicial body is responsible for upholding the rule of law amid the ongoing nationwide anti-terrorism campaign, including lawful punishment and litigation. It can also prevent accusations against our campaign in the name of human rights," Wang Guoxiang, an anti-terrorism expert at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Samuel Girard Womens Jersey , told the Global Times Thursday.

Employees are the back bone of any company. Without employees company is useless. With their hard work and industrious nature company go higher and higher it is the employees and their honesty with make company a profitable landmark. Employees are the back bone of any company. Without employees company is useless. With their hard work and industrious nature company go higher and higher it is the employees and their honesty with make company a profitable landmark.
• Employee is a person who works full time or part time on the contract oral or written to make earning for the better life and to earn bread and more.
• Employee is an individual who work for the company wellness and to live better life
Characteristic of employee
Employees are
• Qualified
• Well behaved
• Industrious
• Honest
• Hard workers
• Sincere
• Understanding
• Careful in his work
• Punctual
• Not greedy
Company has to survey off and on and company surveys consist of above mention points to what is the level of engage employee in the company?
Employee surveysurvey employee
Employee survey is a tool and technique to measure and to take feedback the level of employee work, to judge their honesty, interest in work, performance Juuse Saros Womens Jersey , their needs, problems and conditions.
What a company gets from employee survey?
After taking employee survey a company comes out with following points:
• Is there any problem with the employee?
• Is company giving favorable conditions to its employees?
• Company knows how to engage employees better in the work
• By employee survey company knows the problems and make better guideline to resolve issues
• Through this survey the heads and employee come closer and friendly atmosphere spread in company.
• Employee survey leads to team survey through which company make more capable teams for different sections of the company.
• With the help of employee, company gets new ideas for the better achievement of company.
• Employee survey helps to understand the honesty level of employee.
Why to use employee survey?
Although it is the mechanical world but still now companies are using man power alternatively called employees. Today 50-70 % companies using employee survey tool because they better know that employees are the honest and hardworking machinery of the company. It is very useful and important to use employee survey because it influences changes in company and changes atmosphere which is good and confidential for employee.
How to conduct employee survey?
Company has to conduct employee survey by using
• Questionnaire
• Face to face question answer.
• At work place questions.
• Make sample from the population to merge in different survey such as team survey.
Tips to get better result from employee survey
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