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Leucorrhoea is a very irritating problem which distracts women from working efficiently. This problem restricts the physical activities of women as most of the women do not feel comfortable during excessive discharge of white fluid. There are a few reasons responsible for leucorrhoea. The main reason is rise and fall in estrogen level which causes more discharge of white fluid than usual. Second reason is poor muscles in genital area which loses grip over fluid and the white fluid slips out towards vagina. The third reason is unbalanced pH in vaginal area which makes genital area prone to bacteria attack and infections. To protect genital area from infection Chris Wormley Youth Jersey , it is necessary to keep reproductive system healthy and maintain secretion of estrogen. Poor hygiene, effects of contraceptive capsules or devices and use of artificial lubricants can also lead to infection in intimate area. Wetness and irritation in genital area, indigestion Tyus Bowser Youth Jersey , constipation, and stomach pain are some symptoms of white discharge problem.

Women can use Gynex capsules to get rid of irritating white discharge problem. These capsules provide effective ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea and gives relief from genital problems within a short span of time. These capsules improve blood circulation in reproductive system and increase supply of nutrients to maintain functions of reproductive organs. This keeps control over estrogen level which in turn controls secretion of white fluid. Improved blood circulation strengthens tissues and muscles in genital area. This improves grip of muscles on fluid and prevent slipping of white discharge from genital passage. These capsules do not stop but control secretion of white discharge as this fluid is important to maintain pH level in intimate area. Since white fluid do not slip, genital walls remain moisturized which in turn prevents dryness in intimate area and thereby reduces irritation Maxx Williams Youth Jersey , itching, burning and pain in genital area.

This ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea includes only natural herbs for the treatment of excessive white discharge. Gynex capsules consist of Godanti Hadtal Bhasma, Mochras Ronnie Stanley Youth Jersey , Shubhra Bhasma, Ashwagandha, Lodhara and Nagkesar. These herbs have been used in ayurveda from years to improve reproductive system in women. All these herbs possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which protect intimate area from germs and bacteria attack and prevent vaginal infection naturally. These herbs suppress effects of toxins and chemicals on genital walls. This further protects muscles and tissues from damage. Leucorrhoea ayurvedic treatment uses a blend of these herbs which give long lasting results and prevent leucorrhoea from coming back. A woman can also use Gynex capsules during menopause when suffers through a lot of vaginal related problems. When woman is free from such frustrating and embarrassing problems Marlon Humphrey Youth Jersey , she can work efficiently. Healthy genital area also helps to feel sensations and getting aroused easily.

It is recommended to take this ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea for 3 to 4 months to get rid of excessive secretion of white discharge completely. Avoid using artificial lubricants and chemical sprays in genital area. Include fibrous fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your reproductive system healthy. It is also suggested to take proper hygiene measures to keep intimate area clean.
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