Nike Air Max 97 Come with New White Red Colorways

Список форумов -> Секс-Символ ЛУК - 2011

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Заголовок сообщения: Nike Air Max 97 Come with New White Red Colorways
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Nike Air Max 97, which has been popular for nearly two years, is constantly introducing new colors. Recently, a new white and red color scheme will be available soon. The shoes are dressed in pure white, bringing a fresh and beautiful white shoe shape. Add a sporty touch with red detailing. The most special is the “air max” font printed on the side of the air cushion. The tongue is decorated with “97” font, which is unprecedented.

In the joint cooperation with OFF-WHITE, Nike can be said to be full of earning. At the end of last year, Nike found the new street brand A-COLD-WALL*, which was founded by Samuel Ross, a member of the design studio DONDA, and tried to create a joint image. In fact, compared to Virgil, Samuel Ross used the structure design in his work earlier. After joining Nike for the first time at the end of last year, it was easy to create a pair of extremely rare A-COLD-WALL x Air Force 1 High, avant-garde design and Rarely sold, so far in StockX there is a speculative price of around $3000.

Adidas iconic casual shoes adidas NMD R1 This time there is a new design debut. Change the previous hot-melt material to embossed design to bring a new pure white color. The upper is still made of fabric, but the upper strips and three-bars that are usually made of hot-melt materials are presented in an embossed process, giving them a unique texture. Pure white dress, super high value. The heel is embellished with transparent rubber, and you can see the black lines and fonts on the inside. It is also a design that has never been seen before.
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Список форумов -> Секс-Символ ЛУК - 2011


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