Air Jordan 6 DMP Will Return Next Year

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The DMP package was released in 2006 and includes the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 11 boots, with a dazzling golden glory for the champions, tribute to Michael Jordan's two Triple Crown titles in 1991 and 1996. Recently, it is reported that the Air Jordan 6 DMP will be revival in February 2020! Pure black body with Air Jordan 6 logo clear crystal outsole, followed by logo, shoe and many other details with gold accents, luxury texture is undoubted. The nubble material upper makes it have a distinctive texture. Once you engrave it, you will be favored by many Air Jordan 6 fans.

Jerry Lorenzo was the first to be exposed in the talk show last year. It was speculated that only the relatives and friends of the version of Nike Air Fear Of God 1, it is very likely to usher in the market recently, the official map has been exposed! Nike Air Fear Of God 1 Amarillo continues the most attention-grabbing first-of-a-kind shoe collection in the series, with high-saturated bright yellow covered leather and fabric shoes, and the iconic cutout frame in the same color! The configuration is still a domineering dual Zoom specification, and the back palm is light blue. The front of the forefoot is embellished with white Nike Swoosh. It is striking and eye-catching, echoing the simple white outsole, and the visual balance is just right!

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, which is known as the next generation of the most popular commercial running shoes, has just been launched on the domestic official website. The favorite friends have taken action. The vamp uses the new Vaporweave technology. This flap-like material is lighter and more breathable than Flyknit. It is important to avoid the absorption of sweat and rain on the upper. The addition of an asymmetric lace system and foam pad provides comfort. higher. In the midsole, the ZoomX material has increased by 15%, but the weight of the shoe has not increased, thanks to a more scientific shoe design and lightweight solution. The texture of the field and the height difference between the front and the back are also more scientifically adjusted according to the feedback, making the shoes more in line with the needs of runners.
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Список форумов -> Секс-Символ ЛУК - 2011


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