Black Angel Yeezy 350 V2 Black To Release Again

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2019 Yeezy Boost As the only black color in the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 family, the black angel Yeezy 350 V2 “Black” has won the popularity because of its dirt-resistant and versatile temperament. It has been confirmed that it will be re-sold at the end of the year, for those who want to buy a pair. For the friends of the black Yeezy 350, it is undoubtedly a great news. The previously announced release date is in the Western Black Friday shopping festival, which is November 29 this year.

This year's shoe market is still unable to get rid of the control of Air Jordan 1! After sending away the "luck crush", next week will be the launch of a new color matching Air Jordan 1, which is the same full-featured "light" color. The official name is Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Fearless. Because it uses a blue-red tone, it resembles an alarm light, so it is called a "light" color by Chinese players. Just like the lard crushing, these new products also have a good upper gloss effect. They are made of patent leather material. Whether it is static display or upper foot wear, the bright upper effect is particularly eye-catching. The two bright eyes are presented in the toe and upper, and the use of white and black colors balances the shoes, making them both eye-catching and aesthetic. The upper foot effect can't be said to be versatile, but it's not difficult to get it. A more practical solution is to match black or dark trousers.

2019 Sneakers Release with a white main tone with a bold black coating on the outside of the toe, the upper with gold laces, the overall temperament is simple and very advanced. Even if the classic look-and-match color scheme is reversed, it is still very marked. The reversed gold buckle that has been repeatedly exposed in the past Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi” has recently officially released the sale information. The overall body of the shoe is black in color, and the sash line outlines the layered shape of the shoe. The delicate texture of the leather presents a high-quality body temperament. The upper is eye-catching with gold lace buckles and the gold-tone “TWO 3” embroidered lettering echoes. The red Jumpman Logo is decorated on the tongue and corresponds to the red flying man in the forefoot. The white outsole is finished, and the shoe body is again black and white, and the color scheme is still pleasing.
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