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http:www.technokidsindia Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects full of Microsoft Office activities teaching students Microsoft office http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-joc-pederson-dodgers-jersey/ , excel, word and PowerPoint.


Computer curriculum from TechnoKids Inc.
TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects that contains lesson plans and resources for teachers. Our dexterously designed and produced instructional materials instill computer-science fluency and competency in school students, as well as integrate technology skills into K–12 education. TechnoKids takes a project-based approach in this regard.

Our computer curriculum is divided into six categories: Primary, Junior, Intermediate http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-jimmy-rollins-dodgers-jersey/ , Senior, Camp, and Teacher. Each category contains a set of technology projects designed to teach a range of technology skills. Each of our technology projects contains detailed lesson plans which the teachers can use to integrate technology into curriculum. A technology project includes a teacher guide, student workbook, and resource files. Resource files include assessment tools http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-jackie-robinson-dodgers-jersey/ , certificates, parent letters, templates, sample files, and so on.

Primary School Computer Curriculum
Primary Computer Curriculum Set developed by TechnoKids targets foundational computer-literacy skills for kids. It delivers the modern http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-hyun-jin-ryu-dodgers-jersey/ , rigorous computer curriculum in primary schools. This set will ensure the children practical experience of using computer softwares for various purposes. We present a bunch of activities for Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 students that will impart them a basic grasp of the fundamental principles of computer science.

Basic Computer Class Curriculum Kids Pix Project
The Primary Computer Curriculum Set makes full use of Kid Pix 3D, the bitmap drawing program for kids. It’s now an integral part of the kindergarten computer curriculum. With our Kids Pix projects, kids can create and share the stories they’ve always wanted to tell.

Junior Computer Curriculum
Computer Curriculum for Elementary Schools
TechnoKids' Junior Computer Curriculum contains curriculum for the required areas of study in Grades 3–6. The students will learn how to create publications http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-howie-kendrick-dodgers-jersey/ , presentations, and web pages using Microsoft Office. Objectives and outlines of this level are fully met.

Technology Curriculum for Elementary Students
This curriculum gives the student a clear grasp of computer science and enables himher to design and write computer programs.


Intermediate Computer Curriculum
Middle School Technology Curriculum
TechnoKids’ Intermediate Computer Curriculum aims the student should have computer literacy and competency beyond the foundational level. It enables students to create publications, presentations, web pages, videos http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-fernando-valenzuela-dodgers-jersey/ , and so on, using softwares such as desktop publishing tools, databases, spreadsheets, graphing programs http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-enrique-hernandez-dodgers-jersey/ , multimedia authoring, and video-editing tools. Our well-designed projects will make the students wait for the ‘Computers’ period.

Projects within TechnoKids’ middle school computer technology curriculum will enable the students to use the tools of technology with confidence. Our tech tips on computer graphics, data bases, computer communications, etc http://www.teammlbdodgersshop.com/authentic-dee-gordon-dodgers-jersey/ , will give the teachers the edge to develop further the skills of students who are already computer-savvy.

Computer Camp Activities
The Camp Computer Curriculum Set is meant for 7–12-year-old children. It comprises technology projects for a camp or a computer club. This curriculum is sure to provide life-long computer skills to the participants.

Teacher Computer Curriculum
Integrates Technology into Curriculum Easily
Not only children, teachers too love TechnoKids technology projects. With TechnoKIds Teacher Computer Curriculum, teachers discover how easy it is to integrate technology into their school curriculum

Professional Development Materials
Integrating computer science concepts into the class room is the need of the hour. The Teacher technology projects help educators gain confidence to use and teach the computer. The activities include classroom-related examples.

For more details please visit our website http:www.technokidsindia or call us at +91-40-65247872.
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