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Manchester United have started to put last season behind them by beating Liver-pool in the Guinness International Champions Cup in Miami.

Aside from lifting a trophy Carlos Sanchez Mundial Camiseta , they also became $1 million richer, which will -cover Wayne Rooney's wages for the next 13 days.

The Manchester club played out their fifth straight victory of their preseason tour of the US, which has seen them play in front of over 350 Federico Valverde Mundial Camiseta ,000 screaming fans, including a record for a soccer match in the country when they faced Real Madrid in front of almost 110,000 in Michigan's Big House.

United and Liverpool were just two of the European giants on far-flung foreign tours. While they were in the US Diego Polenta Mundial Camiseta , their rivals were in Asia and Australia trying to stake their own claim on the commercial deals and supporters of soccer's emerging markets.

Meanwhile back in Liverpool, Everton striker Steven Naismith has made the news for promising tickets to watch the club for the city's unemployed Blues. The Scotland international's generous act puts the cost of Premier League -soccer into perspective. Naismith says that he is "aware that, through no fault of their own Jose Maria Gimenez Mundial Camiseta , there are many unemployed in Liverpool trying hard to find a job who may not be able to afford a -ticket," and that his "small gesture" to help those people enjoy a day out at an Everton league match might bring "some joy to many people."

He's asked the city's Jobcentre Plus offices to distribute the tickets and they will not struggle to find suitable fans. Unemployment in the UK, while at a current six-year low Fernando Muslera Mundial Camiseta , runs at 2.12 million according to the latest figures for the three months to May. Almost a million of those without jobs are young people, the game's traditional crowd.

Even those with jobs are finding themselves priced out of the Premier League. The average price for a matchday ticket in the English top flight for the 2012-13 season was 28.30 pounds ($47.7), more than double Serie A and almost triple the Bundesliga.

The Premier League remains the most expensive of Europe's top leagues while the UK's current average hourly wage is 13.60 pounds for men and 12.24 for women. For those Liverpool fans on the minimum wage of 6.31 for over-21s this season's cheapest published matchday ticket price of 37 pounds for a seat on the Kop is literally all in a day's work.

Premier League clubs are alienating the local community and losing touch with the next generation of fans but seem powerless to stop it as they fly around the world to chase the money needed to cover obscene wages and transfer fees.

This is where the Football League can win back match-going fans. The -quality is a world away but so are the prices. -Extra discounts for students and the unemployed at sleeping giants such as Notts County and Sheffield Wednesday means that clubs with a proper history might be able to price themselves -toward a proper future.


All the police officers that were involved in the baton beating of a college student in Lanzhou city have been suspended from official duties after an official investigation was launched Martin Silva Uruguay Camiseta , according to the paper.

Several officers were accused of beating college student Xiaoming with police baton

The student, under the assumed name Xiaoming, told the paper that he was taken away by several officers on Monday for refusing to hand over his cellphone which he used to record evidence of police wrongdoing at a resteaurant.

Xiaoming accused the officers of beating him with police batons while he was held in custody.

Lanzhou's police department yesterday responded on its official social media page that the an initial investigation found the allegations were true and all the officers involved have been suspended.

College student Xiaoming accuses officers of brutal police baton beating College student Xiaoming accuses officers of brutal police baton beating College student Xiaoming accuses officers of brutal police baton beating

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