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Frequent arguments cause a lot of damage to a relationship. In each relationship Justin Upton Jersey , there is a baseline. This baseline is where the couple wants to be. Everything is good and they feel close to each other. When they have an argument, they drop below the baseline and thus need to return to the baseline so that they can feel close again. But suppose they get into another argument before they return to the baseline; this pushes them even further below the baseline. They now have even more ground to cover before they can return to the baseline. If another argument occurs, they push themselves even further below. This can go on and on until the baseline seem unreachable. The couple tries everything they know but get nowhere. Doubt takes over and logic tells them that the relationship is irretrievable.

Abandon the notion that you need to address and resolve major issues when you are far below the baseline. It is futile to attempt resolution when all you can see is despair. You need to take a time-out from the issues and focus more on staying connected. This usually comes down to shutting up for the time being. The process of pushing the major issues towards resolution is typically what therapists do and the couple also believes this is necessary but it is not.

The therapist often allows the couple to recreate an argument that they may have had a hundred times already. By viewing the couple in action Huston Street Jersey , the therapist gets an understanding of what happens between them. The couple leaves the office wishing they had come in separate cars but come back week after week hoping the therapist will eventually tell them how to reconnect.

I do not allow couples to fight in my office. I tell them they can fight at home free. Instead, the focus is on returning to the baseline. I tell the couple to stay away from the major issues that trigger the arguments for now. I often tell them not to argue at all and the following week they report no arguments. I ask them how they did this and they respond with "You told us not to argue." It amazes me. Couples want to stay connected. They do not want to fight and argue.

So to reiterate, you return to the baseline by giving the major issues or conflicts a breather until you feel closer to each other. The time needed can vary depending on how much hurt has been experienced. One week to four weeks usually provides significant relief but it may take a lot longer. It is vital that you shut up. I am going to cover a wide variety of different techniques to help you during those times you feel that you have to say something. Remember Garrett Richards Jersey , the closer you are to the baseline, the better chance you have at reconnection.
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Mark Webb is the author of How To Be a Great Partner and founder of Partner Focused Relationships. Sign up for Mark Webbs Relationship Strategies Ezine ($100 value). Just visit his website at http: or http: .

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Tennis players are often advised to pick a racket that suits their skill level and playing style, but this doesn’t always happen. Many players buy rackets because they are popular or are endorsed by celebrities. We have listed some of these ultra popular Darin Erstad Jersey , best-selling rackets below. While they are not all-around tennis rackets, they are preferred by players of varying skill level and expertise for being lightweight and durable.

• Babolat Nadal 25 – Young and new beginner players will find this racket easy to use with its lightweight aluminum frame and large sweet spot. It is suitable for kids, too. The build is designed to help them hit the ball well Cliff Pennington Jersey , so they can be encouraged to continue playing tennis and not quit.

• Head MicroGel – Players who are struggling with their groundstrokes may prefer this racket. Its head is filled with micro-gel to distribute the impact load in a uniform manner for more control and a solid feel.

• Wilson ‘13 Tour Slam – For casual players, the ‘13 Tour Slam by Wilson is a good choice. Its power strings are engineered to provide more power to your swing.

• Head Ti.S6 -Made with lightweight titanium and durable graphite, the Ti.S6 is designed to withstand heavy use and last for years. It weighs only eight ounces Cameron Maybin Jersey , so it should not dampen your stamina or cause any wrist pain or hand fatigue.

• Head Liquidmetal 8 – The racket is ideal for intermediate players and beginners who are serious about stepping up their game. It should help you master ball placement and control.

• Wilson Hyper Hammer – Wilson designed this racket for new players who are familiarizing themselves with the basics while aiming to improve their game through regular training.

• Babolat New Pure Drive – Babolat introduced the cortex dampening system into this tennis racket for a better feel of the ball. This way, it can help boost your accuracy and control without compromising on power.

Here’s a great tip to keep in mind: Choose a racket like you would choose a weapon for combat. You need to be comfortable with it and you must know how to use it well. After all, it will serve as your partner in the court Bud Norris Jersey , and it may even be the key to improving your game.

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