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Finance > CreditSome Common Loans Jargon Explained
Posted by nick_niesen in Finance on November 8th http://www.airmax97shoescheap.com/ , 2010

The world of personal finance can sometimes seem to have a language all of its own, and it can be difficult to seperate the wheat from the chaff when comparing products such as loans. With all things financial, it's vital to have a good understanding of what you're agreeing to before you sign on the dotted line, and so here we explain some of the most common terms you're likely to come across in loan advertisements cheap air max 97 gold , application forms, and credit agreements.


This stands for Annual Perentage Rate, and is basically the cost of the loan. As well taking into account the interest rate you pay, it includes any fees or charges you need to pay. For example cheap air max 97 silver , if two loan packages have identical interest rates, but one charges a setting up fee, then that loan will have a higher APR.

- Sub Prime

This is the industry term for applications from people with less than perfect credit ratings. Sub Prime credit is also referred to as adverse credit, and people with poor credit ratings may struggle to get an approval cheap air max 97 white , and even then they're almost certain to be charged a higher rate of interest.

- Advance

This is simply the financial services industry's word for the amount you borrow.

- Term

The term of a loan is the length of time you agree to repay the debt over. Agreeing a longer term for your finance may result in a lower monthly repayment, but as you're paying interest for a longer period then overall a longer term will usually mean more interest paid overall.

- Collateral or Security

For a secured loan, home loan or mortgage, you'll be borrowing money against the value of your home. Your home is then known as the collateral or security on the loan. If you fail to keep up your repayments cheap air max 97 black , then the lender can sieze your property, sell it, and use the proceeds to clear the debt. Having this option means that there is less risk for the loan company, and so loans with collateral can be advanced to people with poorer credit ratings cheap air max 97 for sale , and the amounts borrowed can be larger.


LTV stands for 'Loan To Value' and is a measure of how large a loan is in comparison to the value of the collateral it's secured on. It is given as a percentage, so a loan of $80,000 secured on a property worth $100,000 would have an LTV of 80%. Lenders like to have a relatively low LTV as this means that if they need to sell a property because of a default on the loan cheap air max 97 sale , then they're very likely to receive enough funds to clear the debt, even if they sell at below market value.


HLC is an abbreviation of Higher Lending Charge, which is a fee sometimes levied on loans with a high Loan to Value (LTV) ratio. HLCs are normally only imposed when you're borrowing more than 90% of the value of the security, and it should always be made very clear to you before you sign a loan agreement if one of these charges is to be made.

The gaming cheats and codes will amaze you at every step

Posted by fpscheats on August 9th cheap air max 97 shoes , 2012

Today children and even adults can live without food but not without internet and games. These are on the top of the priority list of any kid or teenager. It doesn’t matter that how much a game is hard in playing they will play them anyhow. Kids are becoming smarter after playing these ultimate games. There are several types of games available in the market which will make you crazy and feels you like you are in some other world, a world of your dreams. While playing them you will start imagining yourself a part of these games. The sounds, graphics, or animations of these games are so much creative that one cannot stop himself by playing them.

There are several popular games available in the market cheap nike air max 97 , which are not easy to play. These games are can be played online and while playing them you will find yourself as a competitor among all the other players of the world. So you have to perform well and give you 100% to make your name sparking on the scoreboard. Crysis 2 is one of the most popular games available on the internet. It is a first person shooter game developed by Crytek for EA games. Crysis 2 if full liberty practiced game with players determining how the game should be played rather than being told how to play the game. Playing and crossing all the levels of Crysis is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are several websites who provide the crysis 2 cheats which will make your game more comfortable and interesting.

Another popular game is the combat which is fast paced and has a good amount of challenge. You will find different enemies have different weak points, and there is a wide weapon store to defeat all the enemies. Each weapon is advance customizable with optional parts you can change whenever you want, giving you further flexibility in different circumstances. Like that there are many other different functions available in it which will craze you while playing it. Even you can find combat arms hacks online for it. These hacks codes involve exploiting and finding ways of going around the rules. These hacks allow the player to perform extra functions like shooting through walls, going and seeing through walls. These abilities can give the player many advantages.

You can also find hacks for many other popular games online which will amaze you while playing and surprise you at every turn. If you are into playing best games then you may be played Crossfire and you will easily get the crossfire hacks. If you are looking for these codes then you have to find the best website that will give you genuine codes.

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