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Order Submission and Shipping


From the home page Cheap Basketball Jerseys , we should select the Order Management module. To access the Order management module we should an Order Manager or Order Entry Specialist role. So only we can able to view this module on the home screen.

Once we select the Order Management link then we will navigate to the below screen. The below screen we can able to see the dashboard. To create an order we should select the Create Order button.

To create an order, the user should have at least one business unit. A business unit field is mandatory for creating the order. If a user having more than one business unit heshe need to select the corresponding business unit. If a user having only one business unit then Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys , it will be displayed by default.

Here I have selected the item as AS46336. And it is available in Stock

On click of the Price link (Nearby Add button) will display the discount details.

On click of the Action button and select the View Pricing Strategy and Segment tab then, we can able to view the details

On click of the price link Cheap Sports NBA Jerseys , 127 (Nearby Total) will display the price details without tax. And it will be displayed the discount details.

Now we are coming to the Shipping Details tab (2nd tab). Based on the requested date our sourcing engine will identify whether the item will be available on the particular date or it may be getting delayed how many days.

Here we can define Multiple Shipping Method over here. This method will define from particular address to other address how many days it will take.

Once Requested Date selected then click on the Estimate Order Availability button to check the availability status. Here the availability status is displaying as 鈥極n Time鈥?p>

If there is not sourcing rule then we can select the particular Warehouse and Supplier

This screen will display the Billing Payment Details (3rd tab)

Now I have selected the 1st tab called Lines. And select the Save button over here. After selecting the Save button will display the draft version of the sales order.

Once we click the Save button will increase the total price highlighted below. On click of the price then it will be displayed the tax details.

The below screen will display the tax information has included in the price. The shipping cost is 0 because it is available in the current organization itself.

Here I have submitted the Order. And select the Ok button.

Here the status is scheduled. On click of the Refresh button, the status will change as Awaiting Shipping. Next screen will display the status.

Status changed as Awaiting Shipping

Now we are going to select the Action button and select the Switch to Fulfillment View.

Here I have selected Fulfillment Lines tab.

Here we need to select the Orchestration Process number link highlighted below.

The below screen we can able to view the Gant chat with information

We are going to ship the order. From the navigator select the Inventory Management options under Warehouse Operations.

We need to select Show Tasks as Shipments and select Manage Shipment Lines.

Enter the Order No in the text box and search box

We will navigate to the below screen. And we should select Autocreate Shipment button.

Once select the Autocreate Shipment button. Then we got a prompt message like below.

Now we have selected the shipment no

We will navigate to the below screen. And we should select the Actions button and select the Pick Release Option.

Click the Ok button

Now we have seen the report for the order. For report information Cheap New NBA Jerseys , we should select the Navigator and Scheduled Processes under the Tools option.

We will navigate the below screen. And we should select the Print Pick Slip Report. Once select the line then Output will display as below. And we should select the Republish button.
The output is the Business Intelligence Publisher Report.

Once we select the Republish button. Based on the output XML report will generate and the XML value will be saved temporarily. Here I have to select the HTML tab.

Now we got the Pick Slip output over here.

And we can see the Pick Status as Confirmed and other information. And close the screen. And do the Ship Confirm.

Here the Shipment is still Awaiting Status only.

Now I have selected the Ship Confirm button.

Then we got a prompt message like below.

Once the Send Shipment Advice Status displayed Succeeded.

And we select the Refresh button over here.

Now the Ship Status as Shipped.

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Dong Rubin was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison for illegal business operations. His co-conspirator Cheap Wholesale NBA Jerseys , Hou Peng, received a three-year jail term with a three-year reprieve for the same charge by the court of Wuhua District. Dong and Hou were fined 350 Cheap NBA Jerseys From China ,000 yuan (about 56,000 U.S. dollars) and 50 Cheap NBA Jerseys China ,000 yuan respectively.

Dong appealed after the ruling and the Intermediate People's Court of Kunming City upheld the verdict.

The court found that the defendants fabricated online posts at the request of clients from March 2011 to May 2013. Dong organized and participated in four crimes involving 345,000 yuan Cheap NBA Jerseys , and Hou was involved in three cases involving 255,000 yuan.

Dong Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , who uses the online name "Bianmin," was also convicted of "creating disturbances" by posting fake information and comments in order to gain popularity. His posts distorted facts concerning the Mekong River attack Cheap Authentic Jerseys , in which 13 sailors were murdered in October 20. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Max Shoes Cheap Air Max Shoes Cheap Air Max Light Bone Cheap Air Max 270 Kids
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