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The FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup held in China in September this year has already touched the hearts of many basketball fans. Not only can we witness the Chinese men's basketball team's game at home, but we can also see the world's stars gather in China. In line with this basketball event, Jordan Brand naturally also launched a pair of FIBA ​​exclusive color matching Air Jordan 12 for this FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup. The Air Jordan 12 FIBA ​​is a white and red pair of shoes, and the details are complemented by gold buckles, highlighting the rich retro OG atmosphere. The middle part of the shoe is made of high-grade lychee leather, and the white leather at the toe is also embossed with special lines to add layering. The most eye-catching detail is the Chinese slogan at the heel. "The heart is only burning for this." Perhaps this basketball event will really ignite the basketball dream in our hearts.

As the signature of the Nike Air Max family this year, the Nike Air Max 720 has a good position in the hearts of sneaker players. Not only has a sci-fi design, but also a significant increase in the effect and awkward feet, so that the shoes add a lot of points. Recently, Nike officially released a new color scheme official map, let's take a look! The black engineering mesh shoes are complemented by blazing blazing flames, which is in line with the current season. In addition, the tongue logo was replaced with a new structural design, creating a strong avant-garde, sci-fi texture.

As the latest signature boots of Paul George, PG 3 has been favored by many practical parties for its outstanding performance. Recently, a new color scheme will be available for sale in July. Nike PG3 Black Red uses red as the main color, with black tongue and upper, and finally with a white midsole embellishment, black, white and red to form a classic color scheme, impressive. The word 93552 is printed on the outside of the midsole and is the zip code of his birthplace in Palm Valley, California. Forefoot Zoom Air bulges outwards, and there is a feeling of pushing forward when you step on it, so that you have the state of starting and accelerating at all times.
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Список форумов -> Секс-Символ ЛУК - 2011


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