Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants Coming Soon

Список форумов -> Секс-Символ ЛУК - 2011

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Заголовок сообщения: Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants Coming Soon
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Recently, Owen has a group of Nike Kyrie 5 Spongebob Squarepants, which is the grand finale of this generation of signature shoes. The SpongeBob color is mainly yellow, with a raw rubber outsole and a red midsole. The vamp is used to restore the pores of the sponge baby's body. Both the Swoosh and the heel are undulating. The color of the big star is shown in the iconic pink, and the sole is purple and green. The pattern on the upper is printed to restore the large star skin texture. The upper flytrap module and the heel also have a textured feel. The character avatars are printed on both color matching insoles, and the heel font and tongue logo are presented in cartoon style, which shows the difference of the joint name.

2019 Cheap Jordan Following the re-enactment of Nike Dunk Low “Viotech” yesterday, this exciting classic color theme will reappear on the well-loved Air Max 90 and will debut next week! Nike Air Max 90 QS Viotech uses fluffy leather to illuminate the red, blue, green, yellow and black colors, complemented by a white midsole and a blue-yellow outsole. The overall visual performance is full of energy, and the upper foot effect will surely also suck. Uncommon eyes!

Jordans 2019 Shoes,The design of the hook change is one of the hottest new designs in the past two years. At present, there are already Air Force 1, Bubble, and Air Jordan 3 shoes. Recently, there is another change of the Air Max Plus exposure, retro running shoes can finally be changed! Nike Air Max Plus continues the classic running shoes style, all in a pure white dress, bringing the best white shoes in summer. In order to show the effect of changing the hook, the Swoosh of the upper is magnified a lot. There are three Swoosh options: orange red, metallic silver and blue. Plus a white dress with no hooks, a pair of shoes can be worn as four pairs.
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Список форумов -> Секс-Символ ЛУК - 2011


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