Air Jordan 34 Bred BQ3381-100 To Release Tomorrow

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In the heaviest sneakers that debut this year, there must be the name of the Air Jordan 34. The launch of the Blue Void color scheme comes in a "cyberpunk" style, allowing us to experience the Air Jordan 34's lightest flying bootie for the first time. The Air Jordan 34 Bred color scheme, which is based on the most OG Nike elements, has become the heart of many players. Today, we finally welcome this color distribution information! Dressed in the most classic black and red dress, the Nike Air Logo is a familiar icon. The outer white and black inner sides are presented in a bright red color, and the Air Jordan 34's new design is clearly and clearly drawn. The Bred color matching upper is a woven upper with a new weave, with fine holes, a translucent effect and better breathability.

2019 Sneakers Release,The weather is getting colder every day. Many fans have left a message to let recommend some shoes suitable for autumn and winter. In fact, the classic bubble series in the Nike camp is definitely an exclusive artifact for autumn and winter. The unique foam upper forms a highly contoured silhouette that not only keeps warm and cold, but also easily becomes the focus of the crowd. Recently, the sneaker account jayzrdead also exposed a new color rendering for us. The entire body of the shoe is designed with Nike's most classic ink-and-wash texture, and the personality is full of playfulness. The outsole is finished with a lavender crystal outsole so you don't have to worry about oxidation.

2019 Yeezy Boost,Based on the trend of retro sports, the adidas ZX Torsion series, which is presented in a new aesthetic, has won the favor of many fans who love light sports style. This year, as the 30th anniversary of the adidas Torsion midsole technology, adidas teamed up with the well-known shoe store Footpatrol to create a very refreshing new color scheme. The upper is based on gray and white, with fluorescent green laces and three-bar decoration. The tongue is decorated with the same color logo. The fluorescent green insole is decorated with the name of the logo. The midsole echoes the body of the shoe. The fluorescent green outsole is gray and white. The overall temperament is eye-catching. Tweed tone Torsion arch support, highlighting the special commemorative significance of these shoes.
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Список форумов -> Секс-Символ ЛУК - 2011


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