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The two types of hemorrhoids are internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are swollen veins inside the anal canal that secrete bright red streaks of blood and mucous-like covering on your stool. When these veins extend from the anus wall all the time, the muscle tissues in the anal canal that gets disturbed during bowel movements squeeze them out and grow as external hemorrhoids that are itchy and can bleed occasionally.

Causes and Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of external hemorrhoids vary from one person to another. It's essential to know how to cure external hemorrhoids during its early stages. For most people, it could be painful. However, swelling around the anus and itching distinguish most cases.

Other symptoms include lumps of tissue around the anus that bleed and irritate. These symptoms are usually caused by excessive straining of the pelvic muscles and abdominal walls which in turn produce these swollen veins. Excessive rubbing or cleaning around the anus during diarrhea or constipation also give way to developing hemorrhoids.

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Ways to Cure External Hemorrhoids Fast At Home

With proper care, you can treat external hemorrhoids. Above all, doctors give wise decisions and treatment of this little pain in the ass. They may suggest commercially distributed creams, ointments or pads for temporary relief from pain.

It could contain witch hazel or any anti-inflammatory agent with hydrocortisone. Another option is to do sitz bath once or twice a day where the warm water cleans the area around the anus and relieves spasms caused by swelling of the inflamed tissue.

In other countries, people apply crushed garlic cloves in the inflamed area as it has allicin, an antibacterial chemical that prevents further swelling. As it burns for a few minutes, garlic cloves relieve pain and swelling for a longer time.

Avoid using dry toilet paper when cleaning the area around the anus as this will irritate the inflamed area. Use baby wipes, medicated wipes or moist toilet paper to avoid rubbing your lumps. Cleaning it often but not too much makes sure that it won't swell even more.

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